What is corporate branding?

Corporate branding refers to a company applying its name to a product. The product and the company name become the brand name. The company can advertise several of its products under a single brand name in a practice referred to as family branding or umbrella branding.

Corporate branding

The consistent use of the visual elements of logo, typeface, colour, graphics and photography can change the perception of a product range or service in the mind of a client. This is what exactly Corporate branding is.

Corporate branding process

Our corporate branding process begins with a clear understanding of you and your business, ensuring that we develop ideas and solutions that strengthen the perceptions of your products and services.

We can create a new corporate identity for your company with our rebranding service - or simply give it some time at our studio to refresh it and make it feel loved again. Then, once you're happy, we can develop the new or refreshed brand identity across a full range of promotional media.

From business cards, letterheads and corporate brochures we'll devise a range of materials that builds from the solid base of your new corporate identity to make your brand image.

By using corporate branding with a successfully marketed product, a company can familiarize consumers with its products and may create brand loyalty. If the public likes one product from this company, then they may seek out the brand name when buying other products. Corporate branding creates an image in the minds of the consumers that the organisation sells good products and creates a positive image.

To consumers, corporate branding represents a level of quality that they have come to expect from the company. They will expect every product with the same brand name to have the same level of quality that they are familiar with. The company can increase sales by comparing one of their more popular products with a similar product by another company, showing sales figures to back up their promise. The value of the brand is determined by the profits the products have made. If profits are high, then the manufacturer is able to charge more for their product.